geometrijski-oblici · sredjivanje pomalo, 2 years ago. animirana- geometrija · sredjivanje pomalo, 2 years ago. konstruktivna-geometrija · cistka samo. S.A, Madrid () Brauner, H., Kickinger, W.: Geometrija u graditeljstvu. Školska knjiga, Zagreb () Honenberg, F.: Konstruktivna geometrija u tehnici. [2] I. Babic, S. Gorjanc, A. Slicpcevic, V. Szirovicza: Konstruktivna geometrija — vjczbe, IGH-Zagreb. [3] N. Bakic, A. Milas, Zbirka zadataka iz lincarnc algebre.

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Volenec, The meaning of computer search in the study of some classes of Heometrija, Croatian Journal of Education 53J. The concept of Apollonius circle and Apollonius axes of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane will konsttuktivna introduced. In the final part of the paper, we prove also some simple properties of abstract cubic structures. The connection between affine regular icosahedron and affine regular octahedron in a general GS- quasigroup will be researched.

Niče, Vilko

Some other statements about the introduced concepts and the connection with the concept of complementarity, isogonality, reciprocity, as well as the Brocard diameter, the Euler konnstruktivna, and the Steiner point of an allowable triangle are also considered. The images of some well known elements of a triangle with respect to this mapping will be studied.

The concept of the Kiepert hyperbola of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane is introduced in this paper. In the case of a standard triangle the expressions for the center and the axis of this homology are given.

Fundamentals in computer aided product design.

The relationships between the introduced concepts and some well known elements of a triangle will also be studied. The “geometric” concepts of midpoint, parallelogram and affine-regular octagon is introduced in a general ARO-quasigroup.

In this paper the concept of the Kiepert triangle of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane is introduced. Prijedlog tema diplomskih radova. Visualization techniques with engineering drawings. Free Online Nacrtna Geometrija Kobstruktivna is a bustling film discussed and attracts viewers from all over the world who are so eagerly awaited by viewers to immediately watch Nacrtna Geometrija Knjiga so this movie is very crowded on the conversation and enjoyed.


In this paper the concept of cosymmedian triangles in an isotropic plane is defined.

Engineering Graphic Communications | Departments | FTN

Some statements about new points obtained from the vertices of an affine-regular heptagon are also studied. Fundamentals in engineering graphics.

In this paper the concept of ARO-quasigroup is introduced and some identities which are valid in a general ARO-quasigroup are proved. Using the standard position of the allowable triangle in the isotropic plane relationships between this triangle and its contact and tangential triangle are studied. They are so many great picture list that may become your creativity and informational purpose of Nacrtna Geometrija Knjiga design ideas for your own collections.

Use of computer in design and development of technical documentation on the basis of the designed model. This site exhibit information the latest Film and TV, including – Fundamental notions on the engineering design process. In this paper, we examine the Jerabek hyperbola of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane.

Faculty of Technical Sciences. Descartes, polar, cylindrical, spherical, absolute and relative coordinates. The relationships between the areas and the Brocard angles of the standard triangle and its Kiepert triangle are studied. Basic elements of engineering geometry. Constructive processing of basic geometric surfaces and bodies used in mechanical engineering.

All content images that we display we only use properly without any intention of us to gain financially from one image or as a whole. Some analogies geometrijw the Euclidean case are considered as well.

Departments Faculty of Technical Sciences. Non associative algebraic structures and their application Neasocijativne algebarske strukture i njihove primjeneMinistry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic Croatia, Department of Mathematics, University Of Zagreb, Principal investigator: The dual Feuerbach theorem for an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane is proved analytically by means of the so-called standard triangle.


Some other statements about the Steiner point and the connection with the concept of the complementary triangle, the anticomplementary triangle, the tangential triangle of an allowable triangle as well as the Brocard diameter and the Euler circle are also proved.

By means of these examples, each theorem konstruktvna can be proved for an abstract cubic structure has a number of geometric consequences.

Mitov Dejan Assistant – Master. The connections geometrijja the introduced concept with some other elements of the triangle in an isotropic plane are also studied. You might also use this website to see out when a exclusive day or the date of the latest films. The theorem of the unique determination of the affine regular icosahedron by means of its four vertices which satisfy certain conditions will be proved. Development of spatial imagination and visualization, acquiring engineering knowledge on the most rational graphic representation of combined forms.

In this paper we examine the relationships between cubic structures, totally symmetric medial quasigroups, and commutative groups. Introduction to engineering graphic communications. Some statements about relationships konstruktivnw introduced concepts and some other previously studied geometric concepts about triangle will be investigated in an isotropic plane and some analogies with the Euclidean case will be also considered.

In this paper it is shown that in an isotropic plane the pencils of circles, corresponding to the Griffiths’s and Thebault’s pencil of circles in the Euclidean plane, coincide. In this paper, the concept of an ARH-quasigroup is introduced and identities valid in that quasigroup are studied. Shape and position tolerances.