I guess it depends a little on what you are looking for. If you want to pay attention to the C*-side, you may want to look at Davidson (very neat presentation of. Serial Editors: Richard V. Kadison John R. Ringrose. eBook ISBN: Imprint: Academic Press. Published Date: 10th June Page Count: Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras. Special Topics Advanced Theory—An Exercise Approach. Authors: KADISON, RINGROSE.

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Yes, this book is useful if you take the class about operator algebras. Statistical mechanics and field theory: Direct Integrals and Decompositions.

Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras. Volume I: Elementary Theory

Which Singer is that? I guess it depends a little on what you are looking for. Another good place to play to get feelings on this stuff is in Jones’s online notes for his von Neumann algebras course.


Means and convex combinations of unitary operators.

Author s Product display: An unusual feature in a text at this level is the extent to which it is self-contained; for example, it introduces all the elementary functional analysis needed. Mappings of ringrse algebras Philadelphia, PA, Progr. Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Fundamentals of the theory of operator algebras.

Richard V Kadison’s Homepage

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Remarks on the type of von Neumann algebras of local observables in quantum field theory. MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Fundamentals of the Theory of Ladison Algebras: Determinant theory in finite factors. Page – M. Derivations of operator algebras. On a conjecture of Murray and von Neumann. Notes on the Fermi gas. Volume IV Richard V.

Reprint of the original. It also currently gives the impression that Dmitri has asked this question, which is I’m guessing a very misleading impression. Selected pages Title Page.

The trace in finite operator algebras. Pure states and approximate identities. Kuemmerle Professor of Mathematics.


or algebras – Alternative for Kadison and Ringrose’s book – MathOverflow

Some analytic methods in the theory of operator algebras. Cohomology of operator algebras. That’s a very nice book, but if I remember correctly you’ll have to look somewhere else for the basic in vN ringrode.

But if you are going to be into von Neumann algebras at all, I think that you need to have some familiarity with Kadison and with Takesaki. Contents Comparison Theory of Projection. Infinite general linear groups. Major concepts are sometimes presented from several points of view; the account is leisurely when brevity would compromise clarity.