Hons and Rebels [Jessica Mitford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ‘Whenever I read the words Peer’s Daughter in a headline, ‘ Lady. ABOUT THIS BOOK. Hons and Rebels is Jessica Mitford’s hilarious and moving memoir about her childhood in her eccentric English family and. Jessica Mitford, the great muckraking journalist, was part of a legendary English aristocratic family. Her sisters included Nancy, doyenne of the.

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And, of course, there’s much to and fro amongst the Mitfords and their biographers about just how scrupulously honest Decca has been here.

Hons and Rebels – Wikipedia

At that age, what and who you are depends largely on what book you happen to be reading at the moment. It’s hard not to like Jessica Mitford. Sep 26, Robert Spencer rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page. There is pose after pose, Diana close-up, Diana standing by the fireplace, Diana full face, Diana three-quarter face, all with the same pure, bridal expression. Mitford died in Ships from and sold by Amazon. Her family, the English Communist party members, her husbands friends–she’s smarter and better than honw of them.

Regrettably, Jessica Mitford doesn’t seem to be much-remembered nowadays. But at her first chance she ran off with her cousin, Esmond Rommillythe nephew of Winston Churchill, to fight Franco in Spain.

When they eventually married, Hitler was at their wedding, which was held at the Goebbels’ house. Something which interested and frustrated me very much sprang out of the class and national character of the time — a kind of stiff upper lip-ism, a reserve about the expression of personal emotion. For all her romantic belief that Romilly takes all mitforx into account jesxica acting, he certainly flounders from one silly get-rich-quick scheme to another, getting “tooken” again and again.

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She spends a year finagling an introduction to him, suprisingly difficult because she’s so sheltered and he’s so disreputable; but once it happens, it rebeps the proverbial match to gas! What do you think of the way her mother treated her children? I am so glad that I finally read this book that’s as old as I am, being published in Of course, most of this book is given to Decca’s break with her Wodehousian upbringing, her elopement with Esmond Romilly and ensuing adventures in Spain, the time back in England in the commune on Rotherhithe Street which, curiously, was the only part of the book which could have been set in England during the 80’s when I was an adolescent – just mix in loud music and illicit drugs and their final idyllic excursion to America.

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This whole family sounds fascinating.

Esmond’s death is reported as a footnote. I cried when they lost their first daughter so unnecessarily; I cheered when they got to own that bar in Miami; I sat homs by the enormity of Jessica’s loss when Esmond died when he was 23, fighting against the Fascists he’d hated all his life, whether Spanish, English, or German.

Jessica Mitford – Hons and Rebels

It is a fascinating book. Dec 25, Alvin rated it it was amazing.

March 21, at 9: So, in brief — it is fascinating, and certainly well told. The often forgotten, quieter sister, Pamela, the second born of the older grouping, was not actively involved in politics, and rather shunned the glare of notoriety. Mitford contracted measles and gave them to her newborn daughter, who died as a resultcontending that “the Good Body” knew its stuff, and a father whose major occupations appear to have been shouting and stomping and campaigning for Conservative politicians.

I think as a child, she was the most beautiful daughter. Still, I don’t think she ever really delved into the elements of her sisters’ characters and personalities that made them so susceptible to fascist ideology, and I find this book slightly superficial in that sense. I first read this sometime back in the 80s. Even the dialogue is wonderful and so in keeping miyford the sparkling repartee of the Thirties, even when discussing weighty issues. What particularly fascinates is the fact that 4 of the 6 daughters had beliefs or behaviours or lifestyles or all 3 which were deeply shocking not only within their own circles, but within the wider world, and 3 of the 6 Diana, Unity, Jessica sought active involvement either in the politics of the times s and beyond or were close to those who were so involved.

How might Jessica’s life have been changed if she had been allowed to go to school? Paperbackpages. Jesisca the onset of middle age these trophies begin to hold considerable interest, for yons is then that they bring back in startling relief forgotten events, memories completely buried under a mountain of thousands upon thousands of days gone by.


People, even ardent fans, have tended toward the skeptical side regarding Wodehouse’s mitfordd. Not for everyone, but for anyone who has the least little bit of anglophilia in them, this is the real deal. It is full of sometimes touching and other times amusing, but always true, I believe, stories of her family, especially her sisters, friends, and others who cross her path.

Esmond did a short weekend course in bartending, and then passed himself off as an experience bartender who had worked in one of the ancient, prestigious, glamorous London hotels. From her earliest days with jeszica to her later life withEsmond, Jessica captures the love she miftord for these people while at the same time the exasperation of her situation. Decca and her also upper-class, public schoolboy husband play about with ballroom Communism, but even he sees no disphase between miftord “ideology” and their lifestyle.

So Jessica tells us the tale of someone born into privilege, luxury, and uselessness, mitdord finds all of these qualities completely intolerable and who cannot, cannot, cannot endure the idea of the life that is laid out before her.

Would appreciate your sharing. But I love all things Mitford and did indeed enjoy her wit and recollections and can’t wait to read other hobs that the “Queen of the Muckrakers wrote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The book is also called Hons and Rebels. I found I began to lose interest in the book after she left her family, but that is because more than anything the weird world of this family is most interesting to me.

Some sections of her child hood repeated much hins the information that has been published in other books, mihford it gave a very good explanation of her side of jssica elopement.

The most fascinating of all are my mother’s voluminous scrapbooks, dozens of them, huge tomes, each arranged carefully in some sort jesisca order either of subject matter or of period.