4 oct. Nous vous prions de nous informer des erreurs de redaction. Nous sollicitons LISTE DES ALMAMY DU FOUTA TORO NOTA: IL SEMBLE. L’histoire de ces deux provinces a souvent été commune, certains damel ou . Avant le XVIe siècle, le royaume du Tekrour, situé dans le Fouta-Toro, aurait. Podor, à km à l’est de Saint-Louis du Sénégal et à km de Dakar, ville la plus Podor se trouve au cœur de la région historique du Fouta-Toro. Dans le.

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Since the 17th century, the Fouta Djallon region has been a stronghold of Islam. Moving by pulses, the Europeans eventually colonized the whole country by the late s, the British keeping the lower valley of the Gambia River, today’s Republic of The Gambia. A drawing of him is displayed in the Library of Congress. Finally, it sheltered the most numerous European community in West Africa, while a sizable number of Senegalese enjoyed full.

The Almaami would demand gifts in return for trade rights, and could enforce his will with a well-supplied army.

University of California Press. Since the livestock had to be protected from histoife at night, they were brought into the family compound, referred to by the French as a tapadeand locally as cuntuuje sing.

Nonetheless, the disposal of livestock waste, which became woman’s work, required a systematic way of disposing of it. It was the oldest colony. Un de ses souverains, le Tounka Menin, est le roi de l’or.


The living fences that surround ddu suntuure are not just a barrier to keep out people, wild animals, and domestic livestock. It conquered the remnants of the Kingdom of Jolof in central Senegambia in After spending 40 years in slavery, he was freed in by order of U. And, over time, the women worked out a method for doing so.

The cuntuuje represents a systems approach to food production, and is distinguished by their agrodiversity, as well as the way the people intensively use and maximize a limited amount of land. Pullo ], also known as Fula or Fulani.

Fouta Djallon – Wikipedia

Erosion by rain and rivers has carved deep jungle canyons and valleys into the sandstone. Today, the cuntuuje gardens continue to produce a significant quantity and variety of agricultural products.

Initially they followed a traditional African religion. When the country became independent on April 4,it maintained strong ties with France. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This histoure includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. This research has revealed that the cuntuuje system has a higher soil nutrient level than any other soil in the region.

C’est lui que rencontra le voyageur marocain Ibn Battouta, qui parcourut le Mali en Early revolutionaries led by Karamokho Alfa and Ibrahim Sori set up a federation divided into nine provinces.

It is in Zones 4 and 5 the foita and suntuure living fence where most activities of daily life occur. Le histiire Askia de Gao, Ishaq IIdevait voir la fin du grand Empire, en grande partie de sa faute, d’ailleurs: Fulani Peul population represents between Soundiata d en profiter.


The Holy War of Umar Tal: Le Damel conserve un pouvoir de type.

Boundou — Wikipédia

Les deux rivaux en vinrent aux mains et ce fut ce dernier qui l’emporta February Learn how and when to remove this template message. The new Imamate of Futa Jallon was governed under a strict interpretation of Sharia with a central ruler in the city of Timbonear present-day Mamou.

The word Djallonke originated from the people who originally occupied the region.

Horses, perhaps due to the tsetse fly decreased, while goatssheep, pigs, and poultry increased, and n’dama cattle remain an integral asset. Each suntuure is about 1-hectare 2. Timbo then became the capital of Fuuta Jallon until the arrival of French colonialists. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved from ” https: It acted as the nerve centre for trading caravans heading in every direction.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The graphic in this section is a mind map of the internal zones and sectors found typically in a suntuure environment.

It receives a great deal of rainfall, and is the headwaters of four major rivers and other medium ones:.