Fresenius Renal Technologies offers a wide range of biocompatible, polysulfone dialyzers to meet the clinical needs of all patient types. Proven. Hollow Fiber Dialyzer. GENERAL INFORMATION. Indications: Hemoflow/Optiflux dialyzers are designed for acute and chronic hemodialysis and are appropriate. The FX-class® dialysers are sterilised by the unique. INLINE steam sterilisation process specifically developed by Fresenius Medical Care. During the INLINE.

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FX classix

NCSTM results in optimized pore size distribution and larger average pore size. In addition, there is no need to turn any FX Dialyzer during the priming procedure.

A dialysis machine pumps blood from a special vascular access in the lower arm of the patient into a dizlyzers, the so-called artificial kidney. Dialyzer weight is a crucial factor not only in logistics but also in waste management. Advanced design goes beyond direct functionality, it also has to be easy on the environment. Lateral blood-inlet ports provide a homogenous blood-flow path.

FX dialyzers – Fresenius Medical Care

Better hemodynamics The lateral blood-inlet port ensures more homogenous blood flow in the dialyzer header, preventing stagnation zones. The blue header with its laterally placed blood inlet port is designed to reduce the risk of kinked bloodlines, aiming at smooth fersenius and allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what really matters — the best care for patients.

Improved design and refined hemodynamics The lateral blood-inlet port provides a homogenous blood-flow path, avoiding low velocity stagnation zones in the header region The risk of accidental kinking of bloodlines is frwsenius low.

Blood flows through as many as 20, extremely fine fibers, known as capillaries, clustered in a frewenius tube approximately 30 centimeters long. Kidneys control vital bodily functions Kidneys also play a key role in the regulation of blood pressure.


Several state-of-the-art technologies have been combined to create the distinctive functional properties of the FX Dialyzers. Although peritoneal dialysis is already an established form of home dialysis, home hemodialysis is comparatively rare. Dialysis is a life-giving stream that runs through the lives of those it affects. In many cases, an insufficient amount of toxins is also removed. Low rinsing volumes Rinsing time and volume is substantially lower compared to gamma sterilized dialyzers Lower costs Lower rinsing volumes mean reduced preparation costs.

Attention The medical device and therapy related information on this website is aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals. These include dialyzers artificial kidneys and systems for peritoneal dialysis dialysis via the peritoneum. The most common dialyzers are hollow fiber devices that contain thousands of hollow fibers housed in a hard plastic, typically polycarbonate, shell.

The structure of the support region is crucial to overall performance Membrane porosity, together with the pore size, regulates the transport of middle molecules. There, a fluid known as dialysate transports the toxins and excess water filtered from the blood away from the body. Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all Asia Pacific countries.

This facilitates clearance of a broad range of uremic toxins, especially the middle molecules. It prevents the channelling of the dialysis fluid and ensures that each fiber within the bundle is perfectly surrounded by the dialysis fluid. Experienced doctors and well-trained personnel care for the patients.

A typical specification flyer for hemdialyzers is shown in the picture immediately following this is not an endorsement for Fresenius products. The kidneys create urine, which is excreted through the urinary tract. Types of dialysis The basic differences between the two types of dialysis treatment are as follows: New production technology combined with INLINE steam sterilization allows crucial enhancements of membrane porosity, reducing flow resistance and improving transport across the membrane.


Benefit of refined membrane architecture Significantly improved removal of middle molecules while preventing the loss of useful substances, such as serum albumin.

Since developing this innovation, Fresenius Medical Care has continuously improved its dialyzers and has expanded its production capacities in St. Lower costs Lower rinsing volumes mean reduced preparation times and costs. This results in a greater pressure difference between the blood and dialysate compartments.

Dialysate flows through the dialyzer on the exterior shell-side of the fibers. Fresenius Medical Care uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service.

Problems in the digestive tract can appear and even lead to bleeding ulcers. This means a lower carbon-footprint as a result of fewer materials, less packaging, less fuel for transport and cleaner waste management. Continuous innovation combined with our commitment to the highest level of quality standards, ensure that our FX Dialyzers portfolio is built to address the individual needs of patients. The number of patients with chronic kidney frsenius grows five to six percent each year.

Cytotoxicity is minimal after steam sterilization, whereas it increases with gamma irradiation. Wendel, Saarland, facility Fresenius Medical Care develops and manufactures life-saving products for the treatment of patients with chronic kidney failure.

This results in a better selective permeability for middle molecules, i.