Enildo Rasúa – percussion. Growing up in Guantánamo, Cuba to a family of mixed African and Spanish heritage, Rasúa’s childhood was infused with the sounds. Home Jazz Standard: New Dimensions in Latin Jazz with Enildo Rasúa Enildo Rasua. Enildo Rasua. SOCIAL MEDIA. 10,FansLike. 45FollowersFollow. Enildo Rasúa is an innovator extraordinaire who has been performing internationally for over three decades. Anyone who has seen Rasúa play is an instant and.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. The dance, movement, smiles and gestures, — these expressions — are an inseparable part of the musical culture of my country, Cuba. Since when have you played the drums? I will have the musical direction of a theater play in New York and some new musical projects and pedagogical as:. Consistently razua in national and later, international competitions, by 13, Rasua had won a spot in Cuba’s prestigious Escuela Nacional de Artes in Havana.

Los Munequitos de Matanzas. Whenever I see Omar Hakim play, I want to get up and play the drums; he gives me the joy and energy rasuz I need to play.

He ended up founding his own school in Barcelona. A team of teachers from all over the world propose you their own concepts and exercises.

Enildo Rasua, Author at Very Groove Trip

In addition, Rasua can transcribe by ear! Where did you study? He joined Sangha Tierra latesharing the same passion and ambition to unite people through music. Drumset, 2 Congas, clave pedal and low cow-bell pedal, paila and keyboard. Who are you playing with?


Posted by Enildo Rasua

Congas staff by Enildo Rasua Here is a quinto transcription by Enildo of the great cuban band: If you could be in possession of only 3 albums, witch would they be? His grand father started to teach him how to play the guitar when he was twelve, and from then on, he rasuua contributed to more than a dozen albums as a singer, producer, arranger and musical guest. Resources Audio Video Pictures Scores.

In he relocated to Barcelona, Spain, where he further consolidated his career teaching in important professional centres and collaborating with a number of Spanish and French universities. How do you practice?

Drum Channel

A team of teachers rasa all over the world propose you their own concepts and exercises. I have played the snare drums since I was 7 but I seriously started to study the drumset at He played with diverse artists, confirming his remarkable versatility and breadth of talent.

Percussion Track by Enildo Rasua Today we talk about stickings and stick control. More Mar 27, Enildo Rasua: This is part of neildo, The Third Hand technique.

Focus on Enildo Rasua [interview]. A password will be e-mailed to you. I also use a special piece to touch the clave and the cascara simultaneously with two drumsticks in my right hand.

Enildo Rasua Quartet | Trumpets Jazz Club & Restaurant

Who or what inspired you to play the drums? Get it freely and have fun during your trip! He also took part in the design of new percussion teaching programmes in Cuba at both Intermediate and Bachelor Level of Music. Taken from Enildo’s book “The Get it freely and have fun during your trip! Raised in surroundings where music and culture played an important role, it is hardly surprising that rasha began his musical studies at the tender age of 6, with classes in violin and musical theory, and would later obtain his Intermediate Level enldo Music qualification.


Jon Cuna started his musical career at a very young age. Driven to innovate, he sought new ways of playing and interpreting music. I also play in a couple of groups of Afro-Cuban Santeria ceremonies. Resources Audio Video Pictures Scores. Where are rasau from and where do you live now?

Progressive jazz trailblazers like Weather Report and Yellowjackets also shifted his musical consciousness. In each bar, the first beat is played on the bass drum and the Can you tell us about the set-up of your drum set? Which drummer most inspired you?

Do you rasau any shows or album releases coming up? After recording his first solo album, he decided to form a band and play around New York.