Had it not been the force of mere indignation & power of sheer frustration, I would have not dared to write “Berekete Mergem!” In this poem, I have cursed all. abraham-berekete-mergem. abraham-berekete-mergem. Text; Yigitimgubae. abraham-berekete-mergem. – (A ) A_ _ E * * * * * * A _ . link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. An intro of the Berekete Mergem, the great Ethiopian poet Hailu es-Gemoraw R.I.P (ነብስህን በገነት.

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When freed from jail, Hailu turned out to be one of those unique and exceptionally few precious, selfless, far fetching sons of Ethiopia.

He wrote this dictum after the May Military Coup de estate. To name few among his unique and master literature contributions and scripts suffice to list nine of them herein below: Thus, to Hailu, life is berrekete by lots of potential causes for an actual death.

Berekete Mergem

His depth of knowledge and interest in geophysics dealing with the internal parts of the Earth as well as his ability of putting terms in a triangular meaningful dimensions are all amazing. As a mother, she remains to be the center of affection, attraction and adornment. Through numerous writings and famous poetic works, this living legend, Novelist, Poet Hailu Gebre Yohannes has already won the minds, taken the souls and stolen the hearts of numerous Ethiopians. They remind readers the serious need to defend the national collective treasures given as endowment at one’s own place of birth, the farsightedness, the cultured attitudes and manners, the linguistic diversities as well as the character of attending known religious and traditional ceremonies.

His works are engaging others in discussions and his philosophical touch on human and bereekte resource development and logic are simply enlightening our perception beyond the level of mere knowledge. While in Oslo, Hailu found out that he could neither publish most of his hand written works nor could he continue his studies on Chinese philosophy.


One can thus safely conclude that this great man of a powerful pen is an author and translator, as well as a philosopher, nergem, poet and a great teacher. His mastery of many languages, his ability to capture and poetically paint the beauties of Ethiopian nature and humanity are striking.

That occasion was accompanied by a large book exhibition of Hailu’s lifetime work. At this juncture, it is too early to state any thing about the outcome of this attempt. With a particular focus put berekehe the case “Ba-Jin”.

Gemoraw on Gemoraw: Why I Write? The Basic Motive of My Literary Work

Thus he leads an unsettled and a turbulent life of a lonely lion. Meanwhile, as partial fulfillment of his doctoral thesis he began to write on: Upon completion of the basic studies of the Chinese language, Mergdm composed a large Chinese-Amharic dictionary and a Chinese-English phrase book. The Swedes felt that a new government with whom Hailu has no serious confrontations is running Ethiopia.

Consequently, he had to appeal for his rescue from the country where he lived for seven years. He was equally curious about the Bermuda Triangle and the earthquakes that shake parts of the continents. His life goes on while the lives of many, who he knew in the good-old-days, have persistently been passing away without his physical presence meggem share the respective family mourning.

In the Theological School, the vast majority of the teachers were following the Old Testament. Reading his literary works takes his readers through a long sticking journey of learning the African, Oriental and Western cultures and social setups. The s were a decade of radical student movements, not only in Ethiopia alone, but also in the rest of the Western World.

Gemoraw on Gemoraw: Why I Write? The Basic Motive of My Literary Work

Thus, during his initial exposure of his literary work at Addis Ababa University, Hailu wrote a poem that appeared on a famous campus contest entitled SEOL, literally meaning: Regardless of being known by the Collage staff and his student friends as an outstanding, bright and youngest student of the Trinity Theological Collage, he was ultimately thrown out of his class accused for raising some philosophical questions about the unquestionable creator of the Heavens and Earth.


To quench his youth dreams about life, Hailu focused his curiosity on and attempted to examine about creation and the inter-links lying between humanity and her ever-existing surroundings. In Ethiopia, the aftermath of the Red Terror made his wish to return home unrealistic and dangerous.

His initial Chinese poem on Mao was highly acclaimed by all.

Hailu Gemorawthrough his unique literary works, reminds us the Ethiopia that we know of as the mosaic of a conglomerate of people, culture and landscape giving the society its entity and ever-graceful beauty.

Eventually, just instinctively and intuitively, Hailu got seriously immersed into the philosophy of life and death. Among the most popular poems that won awards for his ability of writing poetry one was Hailu’s famous dictum known to this very day berfkete He has spent lots of his lifetime and energy selflessly working for and denouncing the wanton killings and massacres of innocent Ethiopian citizens left out on the cold, without entering into the issue of ethnicity or ethnic politics.

He is the man behind the fine tones of church, radical and cultural songs that we hear him sing from time to time either alone verekete in-groups. His lifelong works attempt to catch and put into picture the contrasts between the people living in merrgem highland cold and in the lowland hot climatic conditions of Ethiopia. In the meantime, an attempt is being made to bring Hailu to Canada. In Hailu’s view, possibly that is why Ethiopia remains to have several rivalries and foes to this bereketw day.