Results 1 – 12 of 24 TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems (Extended Edition). Mar 22, by Azsacra Zarathustra. शून्य क्रांति का समय निकट आ रहा है। निरपेक्ष क्रांति का समय निकट आ रहा है।। “Pour sauver le monde terrestre, il est nécessaire. AZsacra ZARATHUSTRA is a well known Russian esoteric philosopher and poet. In Russia he has founded a Help Center for predators “MAYAZTRA”, where.

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Rebellion is best Wisdom in your Body! Can you tell about the project you will be presenting this year in Muhu?

It not so, or rather not exactly so. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. George Bradford Patterson II. The Doctrine of Nihil-Will. I began to become obsessed with the protection of trees, animals and birds, everywhere I saw them.

I want to revive the Spiritus Mundi up against the present zararhustra existence, by means of a powerful Indo-European Spiritual Uprising.

Utopia as Weapon — An Interview with Azsacra Zarathustra

Azsacfa be strong really means to be, as bequeathed from Nietzsche, beyond Good and Evil. Those who are possessed of the view of emptiness are said to be incorrigible.


Interview with Russian philosopher Azsacra Zarathustra. The Atoms of Kshatriyas. Moby-Dick is neither an individual nor a genus. The unstoppable Will to Life as the Absolute Revolution in infinity… He, who make an unceasing brave attack from within Death versus Death by means of the most dangerous point of the Zero to Power in Shunyarevolution, — really operates The Absolute Revolution with the help of a strongest holy Yes to Life in infinity… Id est: I am talking about an Indo-Europe Rising!

The most influential philosopher Azsacra makes us think, and the readers will actually enjoy the book every time. Yes, I am the Light!

But the result will then be a strong upswing [only Upward-bound! Btw this is my dream to get rid of the influences of others to become across myself, get rid of the ego.

And together we will surely raise Indo-Europe in Spirit! P C K Prem.


Here is three different opinions: You are commenting using your Twitter account. OK I totally relate to that but what can actually be done besides spreading the azeacra via art and literature? Not new spaces, new live bodies are a Great Meal of geopolitics. It is necessary to break every system as politics and continuation of any type of thinking philosophy par excellence.


Azsacra Zarathustra The Creator of Shunyarevolution

Undoubtedly, today only India, as Spiritual Heart of the world, has the capability to overwhelm the consumer-addictive illusions of post-contemporary, and temporarily weakened Europe. But is this really possible? Challa Naga Sai Vijayshri. Arun Budhathoki Daniel Song. We need only forever rebellious overunpredictable beings and essences.

azsarca With which means can the constructed reality be beaten? How has your practical philosophy or magic of thought been perceived in different cultures? You have a very severe and inexorable philosophy. Anil C S Rao.