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You’re read light novel 15P 7H 6SM Chapter 1 online at Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest. Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator STAR’S POV Time was really flying fast, my 30th birthday had passed and in less than two years your. Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator ASSISTANT’S POV I accidentally saw the photo in your wallet, it was a commemorative picture taken.

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I knew why you treasured this photo and put it in your wallet — we were very close in the photo, and, moreover, although it couldn’t be seen on the surface, our hands were secretly entwined. I was only thinking about it but unexpectedly blurted it out.

And when you start a conversation or debate about a certain topic with other people, please do not offend them just because you don’t like their opinions. Unexpectedly, that person was easy to get along with, his personality was open and clear, he wasn’t arrogant at all. He walked out of the studio in a very slow pace, his complexion was relaxed. Experience now by using your smartphone and access to NovelOnlineFull. I pitifully looked up at you and found that you were smiling, but at the same time, your cheeks were streaming with tears.

Suddenly you fiercely scolded me, you picked up the ring that was originally mine and easily slipped it on your right-hand ring finger. For an entire two months I was his “a. He turned around and looked at me, he beckoned me to come over and said to me in a high tone: It’s great if you read and follow any novel on our website.

What that person said was a little exaggerated, a name naturally appeared in my mind: Like being pricked by something I almost jumped up, luckily 6sk quickly remembered to cover my mistake, afterward I asked: I was a little worried, I carried a glass of water to him and saw him looking at a script squinting his eyes so they became very small, when he concentrated on something he would always show this expression.


This is the first chapter This is the last chapter We’re going to home page. That was why the song touched the void inside of me and stirred my heart until my uncle pushed me and said a sentence: I was a little worried, anxiously I asked him: You still have a chance.

I, a two-year college graduate frantically searching for a job and repeatedly suffering from failure, had fallen in love with a person that was a man.

He gave me the empty cup and slumped to sit beside me, he wasn’t high-spirited like when he first walked through the door. Gakusen toshi asterisk Mahouka koukou no rettousei Against the gods Tensei shitara slime datta ken.

Later I realized that all the tears that had been acc. Although we could only have this simple and secret wedding, but our feelings, are the frankest and forthright.

I remembered that at that time I was very nervous, I really did make a mistake.

15P 7H 6SM Chapter 1

In order not to deal with those boring reporters, that person had to speed in a circle around City 18 until he could slip out and head back to his house that doesn’t have any fancy decoration.

Chaotic sword god God of Thunder True martial world Stellar 6em. Therefore I leaned against a tree and fell asleep, when I woke up and opened my eyes, I found my body covered with a thick police uniform, and I saw that you were actually only wearing a green police shirt, hale and hearty, as you were instructed by the director to run everywhere to catch bandits When seeing him, for a bunch of people it was like seeing a crab steamed stuffed bun that just came out of the oven, they would surround him to inquire about his well-being and complement him.


1p, due to respect, would then look at me, he couldn’t refuse but had to nod. Falling in love with a person still, needs a reason.

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He came up suddenly and drew too close, my face was so hot that I could almost boil eggs, his breath blew on my neck almost touching my ear, I heard him say: Happiness, Is a day together with you, because loving each other 6s, happiness for me. In these months and years, all the celebrities regardless of men or women acted in two or more episodes of a TV drama, gained a little reputation then changed their career to singing.

I have always firmly believed that. It is no longer a luxury of the past. I licked it, it was salty and slightly bitter, but when I looked at you, those eyebrows, those eyes, those lips, were all smiling, a very sincere smile that was incomparably brilliant. You noticed and ordered me not to follow you to run east and west.

Please use the follow button 6zm get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit NovelOnlineFull. Time was really flying fast, my 30th birthday had passed and in less than two years your 30th birthday came. If you find any errors can’t read,broken links, can’t load photos, etc. Are you going crazy again? You can use the follow function to bookmark your favorite novel Only for registered users.