Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! has ratings and 48 reviews. QVC’s Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner comes a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts guide to getting a. Achieve financial freedom. Lori Greiner shows you how. Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! is a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts guide to getting a new product or company off the. In a sea of fluffy inspirational books and motivational business monologues that carry name-brand weight, but lack substance, Lori Greiner’s.

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As she astutely observes, there are two types of inventors: It not only tells you what it takes to invent a product and bring it to market — it actually teaches you how to do it. I am usually a person that says “Oh, yeah I know Harry Potter 7 is pages in the US version, but I greinef probably finish it in about two or invdnt days”.

Several of her investments are the highest success llori on Shark Tank to date. Your results may not be the same as other people’s. But what she did have was the mind of an inventor and entrepreneur — a mind that went off with fireworks at the spark of an idea and not let up once the excitement had grabbed hold.

This is the best book I have read if you have an invention or product or idea you that want to make money. I liked that in addition to providing useful direction, she also included information about her own experiences and of some of the entrepreneurs good and bad who have been on Shark Tank. Yet whether one is looking to go into product development and patents i not, the fact that Greiner shares some great advice is unmistakable.


If you’d like to see more of Lori Greiner, click here: She also believes that what matters most in life is who a person is and what is in their soul. What you send out comes back.

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Feb 10, D. Grenier Grenier the Queen of QVC on Shark Tank goes through the entire process of coming up with an idea for an invention, designing it, creating it, and selling it.

Whether it comes to fruition or not, I’ll be glad I read it, at the ti least for the tiny antidotes about Shark Tank. It is a good starting point for anyone trying to figure out how to get an idea mass produced – especially if you are not familiar with industry practices and terminology.

Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!: Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality by Lori Greiner

At the end of the day, the majority of what she shared did cater primarily to her area of expertise and experience. I have an idea, now what’s next?

There’s a lot of examples from her own journey, but there could be more. She didn’t write a lot about herself, like well many other books, when you ready a hundret pages about the childhood and how they grew up.

How do I make it and where do I start?

Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!

Maybe a list of actual U. She managed to find a solution jt every obstacle that challenged her. Is this book the only resource you need? Sharing her own secret formula and personal stories along the way, Lori provides vital information and advice on topics that can often intimidate, frustrate, and stump aspiring entrepreneurs. Don’t be so fixated on the end result that you forget to make something that people actually want to buy.


I really enjoyed reading it and I learned a lot about product invention and bringing it to the market. It’s definitely motivational and she loves QVC with obvious reason. Lori covers such topic as. However, it’s quite boring when you have to get through a large paragraph that had already been summed up in sentence 3.

Most people that have never started a business before don’t really know what to do. Fantastic read Loved it, thanks for sharing Lori! I’ve been an industrial designer and project manager for about 20 years and, lt the parts of my experience that ove This book was given as a promotional gift to my wife and had been sitting on iy pile of books for me to read for a while.

Dec 26, Ana rated it liked it Shelves: She and her company annually donate a substantial amount of their profits to a variety of charities.