According to popular accounts, Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers, by Jean-Claude Pressac (New York: Beate Klarsfeld Foundation;. We are extremely grateful to The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation for permission to present Jean-Claude Pressac’s extraordinary book AUSCHWITZ: Technique and . Les crématoires d’Auschwitz: la machinerie du meurtre de masse by Jean- Claude Pressac(Book) 17 editions published between and in French .

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For the rest of his life, Pressac was haunted by the mean of Auschwitz. This copyrighted material is presented exclusively for use by our readers to assist in their research. Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers was totally useless as a weapon against revisionism.

The Holocaust according to Jean-Claude Pressac

Pressac’s new book is, in essence, nothing but a summary of his English-language work. Unfortunately he promptly claudee his promise. Among those, he maintains,Jews were gassed.

An Associated Press article that has appeared in a number of American newspapers, for example, tells readers that, according to “Holocaust experts,” the new book “will provide irrefutable proof to combat those who claim the Holocaust An Expert Report Pressac is in fact a con artist.

At the end of his critique of Pressac, [21] Jeaj Mattogno vividly describes the dilemma in which the French scientist found himself, along with the entire ‘Holocaust’ elite:.

The life of a zombie is not inspiring, since pain suffered is exploited and converted into jingling coins: Does Pressac show us photos or drawings of the murder factories? Despite strict orders to leave behind no nean evidence of homicidal gassings, according to Pressac, they had been unable to avoid having indirect references to such crimes make jena way into the written record. Was Pressac subtly exposing exterminationist theory to ridicule by demonstrating the absurdities inherent in official depictions of homicidal gassings?


This kind of narration has very little in common with scientific research. Technique and operation predsac the gas chambers among other publications on the subject. We revisionists, on the other hand, have every reason to wish that Jean-Claude Pressac may rest in peace.

The Holocaust according to Jean-Claude Pressac

Open to the public Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries Then he would climb up the ladder again. Click on ‘up’ to return to the series’ Table of Contents. Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait The original scans of the book itself may be viewed at any time by clicking on the thumbnail icon at the top of each page. If we succeeded in removing this cornerstone of the Birkenau edifice, the rest would collapse with it.

Technique and operation of the gas chambers. One Phony Proof Pressac’s new book is, in essence, nothing but a summary of his English-language work. Pressac contends that HCN gas detectors are of no use in a crematory except, if, in this case, it was used as an execution gas chamber. Medals, pensions, public office, political influence.

But as I pointed out, there is nothing in this page book about the alleged execution gas chambers, except what Pressac himself called, instead of “proofs,” only “beginnings of proofs” or “criminal traces. In addition, in the Spring ofthe Leuchter reporter ckaude released.

On the Auschwitz-Birkenau monument it was also four million but, inthey chiseled out this figure.

Includes bibliographical references p. Login to add to list. His first book featuring the totality of Pressac’s original research was a soft cover limited print already translated from French, sponsored financially by the Klarsfeld Foundation.

Pressac proved indisputably that, because of camp design pfessac construction alone, Zyklon B could not have been used to commit murder. Thus it becomes possible to be simultaneously victim and privileged individual, even executioner. For all his new and improved sources, Pressac remains astoundingly imprecise. Published in late September by France’s National Center for Scientific Research, it supposedly provides definitive proof that the “Holocaust deniers” are wrong.


Jean-Claude Pressac

Subsequently, as Pressac wrote in the article, the delousing facilities were converted to extermination facilities, that is to say homicidal gas chambers.

Retrieved 27 February I had never met him personally; however, on account of his important role in the ‘Holocaust’ controversy, I had been involved with him pressawhen I began jeam own research into the subject.

Pressac used only authentic documents concerning the construction of crematoria and the gas chambers, which originated from the Nazi German office of Zentral Bauleitung der Waffen SS. It got even worse, however.

If knowledge of the disastrous state of affairs had reached Berlin, this would have had unfortunate consequences for Hoess, who had recently been congratulated by Himmler and promoted in rank, and for his entourage. Zyklon B which is essentially HCN is a commercial pest control agent that has been used since in countries around the world. If you dare to say that what tourists are shown in some camps is, or was, such a gas chamber, come on and say it Rudolf, Dissecting the Holocaust2 nd ed.

In Auschwitz-Birkenau, exterminations are said to have begun in the spring of in two farmhouses, which had been converted to homicidal gas chambers. He was allowed admittance to the archives, where he examined and copied a great many documents and construction plans. No doubt the Klarsfelds rue the day that they were taken in by Faurisson’s rogue student.