Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child has ratings and reviews. Hannah said: This book was recommended to me by a good friend who had literally po. The book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth is an incredibly popular baby sleep book, but is it worth the read? We share our thoughts. This article will talk about the differences and similarities between Ferber and Weissbluth and which one may be better (or not) for your baby’s sleep. Who are.

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All the same, the book is chock full of research and data that can help you develop a more informed approach toward your child’s sleep, and Weissbluth does present some great concepts. She sees it as the sleep bible. Mar 01, Laura added it. Hopefully that will help me sort it all out. He also talks about watching for signs of sleepiness, which I have found to be astute, although difficult to be watching my baby carefully for signs of sleepiness in the midst of everything else that goes on.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The concepts are helping us develop good habits for the future.

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What is great is that he doesn’t have one philosophy or think there is one method of doing things. In those societies where the mother holds habita baby close all the time, and her breasts are always available for nursing and soothing, there are still great differences among babies in terms of fussiness and crying. Aug 20, Kelly weiissbluth it it was ok Recommends it for: I understand why this book has been referred to as the “sleep bible.


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Our Review

A Saudi Arabian princess came to my office for a consultation, accompanied by her English-trained Saudi pediatrician, her English-trained Saudi nanny, and two other women, to discuss sleeping habits for the royal family’s children. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can set the stage for future sleep disorders. In this fully updated fourth edition, Dr. My fourth baby is an infant, and remembering that now is when she will start staying up really late at night but at 6 weeks will be ready for an earlier bedtime is sanity saving.

Feb 19, Alissa rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I did not read the book in entirety reading only the hap;y chapters and the ones relevant to her agebut Weissbluth provided good information and many strategies for helping our little cnild sleep better and learn to fall asleep on her own.

This book was full of science not too much as to be over I loved this book so much that after returning it to the library, I bought a copy of my own! If you are a tired parent looking for solutions, the research and analytical stuff with bog you down and irritate you. I have mixed feeling about this book, but overall it is fabulous and I’m very glad that I read it.

The activity and work of the sleeping brain are purposeful. If your method is not getting you baby good sleep, he’s pushing you to change it. It’s as if someone felt it should be a certain number of pages, so they kept stretching the material. Chapters have an “action plan” cjild, but I find them confusing. Jun 18, Pamela rated it it was amazing.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child – Marc Weissbluth – Google Books

Our current popular late bedtimes may be no more “natural” than the outdated “natural” belief that fatter babies are healthier babies. I never read it since our previous foster children didn’t seem to have sleep issues. But this is unhealthy, because extreme fatigue often identified by “wired” behavior immediately preceding the crash interferes with normal social interactions and even learning. Babies are born with individual traits that affect the amount of physical activity, the duration of sleep, and the length of periods of crying they will sustain.


Check out our FAQ page hereand get answers. Aug 17, Sarah rated it it was amazing.

Apr 15, Amanda rated it really liked gabits Shelves: Busy modern lifestyles means that parents have many things to do and little time to do them; sometimes they have to take their baby with them even at sleep times. Contents Why Healthy Sleep Is. But the way he expresses himself almost drives me crazy!

The more the baby fusses or cries, the less she sleeps. Is it worth buying and reading cover-to-cover?

healthy sleep habits happy baby

hap;y A leading pediatrician outlines his groundbreaking, step-by-step program to help parents ensure a good night’s sleep for their children by working with their natural sleep cycles, in a completely revised and expanded edition of his best-seller.

The importance of optimal wakefulness cannot be overemphasized. I couldn’t put her down in her crib without her waking up and screaming.

I really like how informative this book is, in general — Dr. What was the point of including this cringe-worthy patient quote?