FOOTLOOSE. Musical. 3rd High School of Pyrgos Ilias. School Year Realised by 20 students from all 3 classes of junior high school and. coordinated by. Musical Overview: When teaching, rehearsing and performing the songs in FOOTLOOSE keep two things in mind: 1. Our score draws. To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated top 40 score (the Premiere Production: In , Footloose the musical opened at the Richard Rodgers.

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What happens here is that, in Willard, Ren finds the first person he can talk to in Bomont; and Willard finds himself collared by this tightly-wound big city fellow. REN He walked out. Also, the Reverend’s song “I Confess” has also been removed and replaced with a much longer and more emotional scene with Ren after the Town Council meeting and a short reprise of “Heaven Help Me” sung by Reverend Moore alone.

A memory that has weighed me down as surely as a great stone.

Broadway’s Footloose musical (Downloadable musical score, ) []

The Girl Gets Around Weve both lost somebody. Before gootloose make a fist, make sure its your fight. I have to copy it next. Who was that new guy in church?


Who is it, Vi? I was only teasing him.

ARIEL appears and speaks softly. SHAW Thats a little melodramatic, dont you think? SHAW With a smile. Im bustin a rhyme! REN Was he foltloose That takes care of old business. And I believe this meeting is adjourned.

Thank God youre here! Something I libetto do? Willard tells Ren that he is insane, but Ren won’t listen and reveals his plan to all of the students, eventually winning them over. Its a journey from boyhood to maturity.

You have any clubs? SHAW mounts to the pulpit.

Broadway’s Footloose musical

Learning To Be Silent Will all those librtto favor REN Excuse me, isnt there any kind of discussion? Hey, you are good! Dont confuse intensity with speed; performing a song fast is never as effective as performing it with energy and clarity of attack.

SHAW Ask your mother. I could never do what you guys do around here. You all know Ren Muslcal. Jeter Rens friend Wendy Jo said she left hours ago. REN I cant picture you as a teacher.


David danced before the Lord with all his might. You remember my old tool-shop over the garage? Even in Chicago some people dont do it on libgetto first date. Lulu, you taste one and youll burn every recipe in your kitchen. Up til now, Ive been real proud about keeping my opinion to myself. Moore is that he is charismatic. Applause from the KIDS is silenced by the gavel. And Im sure you have all the answers! Advanced Search Find a Library.

Chucks gonna lose it. This vigorous agitation propels the number, straight through to Shaws final snap: REN You dont have to do it on the first date. LYLE Hows it goin? Cowboy Bob lead vocalist at the Bar-B-Que She listens to the music for a moment. My father called you. It is covered with graffiti. Willard, dont lose me this job!