4L80E. Uploaded by Jesús Guerrero. FAMOUS GM TRANSMISSION 4L80E, ENJOY IT!. Copyright: © All · Prueba Lírica. ldw · atg tape refill 1/4 · 2hw5n · rnr-b · clabb · biunvhp-b · bfkv18ts · sdve 9mm accessories · motorola sbv · 5a · au65wp20 · orizon. what cross members fit? what drive shaft yoke? part #? HERES SOME INFO ON THE 4L80E

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I would guess a pump and converter would get it appling once you get the VB in top shape. Incorrect PCM signal to solenoid.

Options Quote message in reply? Let us know what you find. This post was done in a back wards fashion in that I had already fixed it before the post was made. Good luck Paul Moore nb chartertn.

4l80e shift linkage | eBay

However, l480e looking at the problem unit it was noticed that a plastic vent plug was left off. When truck is put into gear, tach dropped to RPM or less. Hope yours is less trouble than that. BB code is On. Roger 4l80d whizwheel aol. As for the line PSI increasing in 4th and not in 3rd, I don’t know. If they wear at all the reluctor will move away from the output speed sensor and give funky readings causing some real strange shifts.


Don’t believe your scanner on the bump. After having the converter rebuilt twice and still having the same problem we had the converter cut open by a different supplier. Direct clutch lube feed blocked. Other shop pull the trans Previous Repairs: We have fitted a new sensor which gives that same result. Jimmy Taylor Anchorage, Alaska odie gci. Grounds all look OK and the truck starts great. Cracked direct clutch or low-reverse servo piston may be a possible cause of this situation.

Hello, world!

Paul Davies phdavies theramp. Wed Sep 6 I put the Reverse arg plug in the two feed holes taking care of any loss of oil between the Case and the Support. The plug has been removed and checked, replaced with the proper one from two wheel drive. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. No codes were found, and even with the strange OSS readings, it had normal upshifts and worked fine. Things that won’t set a code are 4l80 sensor fluctuating, OSS sensor fluctuating within acceptable specs, SSB if it doesn’t last long enough it won’t set a code, but you’ll have 1st gear.

If that looks good, then I would try a different lock-up solenoid. The true amps from the computer were commanding high pressures and causing harsh agg.

Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Group, We had this truck come in with 65, miles on it. The problem is that when you put the trans in Reverse it will roll forward on a hill until you give it some throttle and when you put the selector in drive the vehicle will start to move forward and when you give it gas the RPM’s go up and the vehicle stays moving the same atgg a second then bang you start to move with the RPM’s I am hopeing some one will give me some insites as to what I did wrong.


I’m not sure if you are saying the entire fleet has these problems or that some of the fleet has the problem. On the other hand if it is crack, then you know the other one you put in must be just the same. We 4k80e know there is a problem so how come we aren’t seeing these seals in our kits? I do not trust any EPC withAccess is by removing the glove box insert and looking for a square plastic box about 4X4″. You can confirm this by watching the rpm’s come to zero when you add throttle.

Tue Sep 12 Cannot see any problem in servo. This customer was in no hurry, so I have been working on this for the past two and half weeks between other jobs.